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Central heating maintenance

A typical central heating system includes a boiler, pipes, radiators and controls. It could also include a hot water storage cylinder or separate pump.

The good news is that wet heating systems like these require very little maintenance apart from an annual boiler service - but there are still a few steps you can take for added comfort and peace of mind.

Bleed/vent your radiators

Bleeding your radiators when they need it is a good habit. Also known as 'venting', it's a process that removes pockets of trapped air that have formed in the radiator.

Those pockets of air take up space that would normally be filled with hot water making cold spots that prevent the radiator from getting as hot as it should.

Sometimes you'll be able to identify when your radiators need bleeding, because the bottom part of the radiator will be much warmer than the top.

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Check the pipework

With wet central heating systems working under pressure, a lot of the strain is taken up by your pipework. Once every few months, make a point of visually checking the pipes around your radiators for leaks.

Listen out for any irregular noises coming from your hot water pipes too. A clanking sound (commonly known as kettling) from the pipes around your boiler could indicate a build-up of limescale in the heat exchangers which causes the water to get too hot.

There are many other causes of kettling, best diagnosed with the help of a Gas Safe installer.

Check your water tank
If you have water tanks hidden away in your loft, you may not lay eyes on it from one year to the next.

But it's a very important part of your heating system, and should be checked at least every few months.

To complete your central heating maintenance routine, remember to have your boiler serviced once a year by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Annual servicing can also be provided by our customer support team.

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