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Flues and Multifit Accessories

We offer a range of accessories to make installing and using a Baxi boiler as easy as possible. Our industry leading range of flues make it possible to install your Baxi boiler in a number of locations within your home, while our Multifit GasSaver improves the efficiency of your boiler by capturing and reusing the heat from exhaust gasses.

Flue Kits

What is a flue?

The flue is a plastic tube (or series of tubes) which carries waste gases from your boiler to outside your home - essentially acting as an exhaust pipe for your boiler. Flues are fitted to every boiler so they must be able to reach an outside wall or roof so that they can disperse the waste gases outside.

Flue kit information for installers

If you're an installer and you're looking technical information relating to Baxi flue kits, please view our flue page in the Trade Area.

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What do I need to know about flues?

Your flue requirements will be dependent on where your boiler is, or where you decide to install a new boiler. If your boiler is being installed in a standard kitchen unit it's likely that you'll want the flue to be discreet, whereas installations in a loft or airing cupboard may require longer and more complex flues in order to reach an outside wall.

The flue needs to be able to access an outside wall so that it can dispense with the waste gases away from your home. The length of flue required will depend on a number of variables (such as the output of your boiler and its location) but typically it should be as short as possible.

If your boiler is in a hard-to- reach airing cupboard or tucked away in a discrete location then you'll want to have lots of flue options so your installer can configure a good fit. We have an extensive range of flue kits available - including our unique Multifit Flue kit - to make sure your installation meets your exact requirements. We offer a full range of extensions, bends, plume kits and special roof terminals to offer our customers incredible flexibility when it comes to their boiler installation.

What is a plume displacement kit?

A plume displacement kit is simply an extension to the end of the flue which raises or moves where the gases are released. You can see an example of a plume displacement kit on the above image; the flue in the bottom right room of the house has a black vertical extension which means the gases are displaced at a higher point along the side of the house. This stops the exhaust gases re-entering the house through a near-by window or spitting out over the patio or garage. Plume displacement kits can be particularly beneficial if you live in a block of flats.  

Multifit GasSaver

What is a Multifit GasSaver?

The Multifit GasSaver is an energy saving device from Baxi which sits between the boiler and the flue. It saves energy by capturing and reusing the heat from the exhaust gases from the boiler, increasing energy efficiency and saving money for the homeowner.

It also reduces water usage in the dwelling and increases the hot water flow rate.

How does the Multifit GasSaver work?

The Multifit GasSaver captures and stores heat from the waste gases which would normally be lose through the flue. This residual heat is recycled to preheat the water coming in from the cold mains supply which significantly reduces the amount of gas required by the boiler to heat the water up to the required temperature. This means lower energy bills and greater carbon savings.

The Multifit GasSaver uses no controls, settings or moving parts which means its maintenance free and doesn't require any servicing.

Click here to download the Multifit GasSaver brochure.

How much energy can I save?

The Multifit GasSaver promises energy savings across a range of areas, including water consumption and carbon emissions:

  • Reduces cold water consumption by up to 7%.
  • Saves up to 37% of the gas used to heat hot water annually
  • Reduce carbon emissions by up to 700kg.

Which boilers can I use with the Multifit GasSaver?

The Multifit GasSaver can be used with the following Baxi boilers:

A compact Multifit GasSaver model is available for use with the Baxi EcoBlue + Combi and the EcoBlue System range. Please click here to download the Multifit GasSaver installation manual.

*Depending on existing efficiency of boiler, tests conducted by an independent scientific test house (TNO).

**Based on the average household consumption of 100 litres of hot water per day.

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