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High efficiency boilers

The efficiency of your boiler is the single biggest contributing factor to your heating bills. If you replace an old, inefficient boiler with a modern, high-efficiency model, you could save more than £300 every year*.

That's because if your boiler is only 70% efficient, you're only using 70% of the gas you're paying for - the rest is escaping into thin air.

Modern condensing boilers convert significantly more gas into heat, and reducing waste means lowers bills.

Condensing boilers heat from the waste gas, that would normally be lost through the flue. The extra heat is recovered and recycled. Read more about how condensing boilers work.

SEDBUK Efficiency Ratings

SEDBUK is the national standard for energy performance of boilers. It stands for Seasonal Efficiency of a Domestic Boiler in the UK. It was introduced to help you compare the energy efficiency of boilers.
Baxi boilers meet and exceed the latest standards for energy efficiency emissions, safety and water bylaws.

A SEDBUK 2005 A rated boiler operates at more than 90% efficiency, while B rated boilers operate between 86% and 90%. There is a sliding scale right down to band G - where boilers only reach 70% efficiency.

Of course, it's not just about saving money. The lost energy that escapes a low-efficiency home is harmful to the environment too. A new, high-efficiency boiler could cut your carbon emissions by up to 1200kg**

Find out more about efficiency ratings on the SEDBUK website.

Baxi's high-efficiency boilers

Baxi boilers are backed by our nationwide, award-winning customer support service.

We have different types of high-efficiency boilers  suited to all sizes and types of property - explore the full range of Baxi's gas boilers here.

*Source: Energy Saving Trust
**Source: Prince Energy

How to get the best out of your boiler

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