What is micro-CHP?

Micro-CHP (Combined Heat and Power) is a technology which simultaneously generates heat and electricity - rather than just generating heat like a conventional gas boiler.

A micro-CHP boiler will typically operate in a similar fashion to a normal gas boiler - although they usually feature an internal motor (such as a Stirling engine) which generates electricity using the heat produced. This helps reduce your reliance on electricity from the grid and can help save money on electricity bills.

Baxi have produced micro-CHP boilers in the past, such as the award-winning Baxi Ecogen. Like a conventional gas boiler, the Baxi Ecogen is a wall hung appliance which uses a Free Piston Stirling engine to locally generate up to 1kW of electricity which can then be used in your home.

While we no longer produce the Baxi Ecogen or any other micro-CHP boilers, our sister brand Senertec is a specialist in CHP and micro-CHP systems for commercial and domestic use. Visit the Senertec for more information:

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