What's the most efficient Baxi boiler?

All Baxi gas boilers have an A rating for efficiency. This means that they operate at a minimum of 90% efficiency - even higher if you use a thermostat or smart controller - meaning that 90 pence of every pound you spend on your gas bills goes towards heating your house. This is a huge saving compared to older non-condensing boilers, which operate at around the 70% efficiency mark.

You can see how much money you could save by upgrading to a new Baxi Boiler by using our efficiency calculator tool. Upgrading from an older 70-75% efficient non-condensing boiler to a Baxi EcoBlue + Combi condensing boiler could save you up to £205 per year on heating bills, as well as reducing CO2output by 875kg!

If you're interested in achieving even higher efficiency, Senertec - our sister brand - offers a range of low carbon combined-heat- and-power (CHP) units which come with the highest efficiency rating of A+++.

The SenerTec Dachs mini-CHP provides both heat and electricity from one highly efficient device. It works by using fuel to power a motor, which heats your hot water supply whilst simultaneously generating electricity. This locally generated electricity can be used to power appliances in your home, reducing your need to purchase electricity from the national grid and providing significant cost savings.

For more information about CHP and other low-carbon technologies visit the SenerTec website.

Baxi's boiler efficiency calculator
Baxi efficiency calculator

Use our efficiency calculator to find out how much money and fuel you could save by installing a new, energy efficient boiler.

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