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Why should I consider replacing my boiler?

Typically, most people only look into replacing their boiler when it breaks down. However, there are still a number of benefits to upgrading to a modern high efficiency gas boiler such as better efficiency, better reliability or having different hot water needs after an extension to your house:

Efficiency - by law, all boilers built after 2005 must be high efficiency condensing models which operate at over 90% efficiency. Older models (or models over ten years old) are significantly less efficient and cost a lot more to run. A modern boiler can save up to £340 a year off gas bills and prevent 1,500kg of CO2 entering the atmosphere. Find out how much you could save by using our efficiency calculator.

Size - combi boilers are the most popular boilers on the market and don't require any additional hot or cold water tanks. Replacing an older system with a combi boiler can save significant space in a loft and/or remove the need for an airing cupboard, letting homeowners reclaim valuable floor space.

Changes to your house - changes to your house (such as an extension) can mean that your existing boiler isn't suited to your additional hot water and heating demands. Similarly, if you're thinking about installing underfloor heating or solar panels it might be a good opportunity to think about upgrading your boiler set-up.

Broken down/very old/parts no longer available - sometimes maintaining and repairing an old boiler isn't as cost effective as replacing it with a new model. We make sure spare parts are available for ten years after a boiler has been discontinued (often longer) but sometimes it's not possible to find a replacement part for older boilers.

No longer safe - when your Gas Safe registered engineer carries out an annual service they may find that your existing boiler is no longer safe. In these instances you will need to replace your boiler.


Please remember that all work on a boiler must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered installer. Use our Find an Installer tool to get a quote from a local heating engineer.

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Baxi efficiency calculator

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